KPA Diamonds is passionate and committed to following the Kimberley Certificate
and Certified Laboratory Process within the diamond industry.


This process was implemented in 2003 with the ambition of preventing conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream rough diamond market. This was created by the United Nation General Assembly Resolution 55/66. The ultimate aim was to ensure that diamond purchases were not financing wars globally.

At KPA Diamonds, we adhere to a strict policy with our suppliers which involves only sourcing conflict free diamonds with a legal Kimberley Process Certificate before purchasing. This provides our customers with the comfortability and satisfaction that we are acting morally and ethically right.


There are reputable industry standard laboratory┬┤s that analyse and grade polished diamonds to ascertain the cut, clarity and carat. These diamonds are then certified, with the objective of providing trust with consumers of the diamond specification, which can then be priced adequately. Every KPA Diamond customer is assured of the quality of the diamond purchased, by receiving a certificate from GIA.