Preservation of Wealth

Would you like to acquire diamonds to preserve your wealth?

KPA Diamonds is your competent partner for sourcing, buying and selling diamonds. Our access to diamond exchanges worldwide has enabled us to provide you with the most valuable gemstones.
You profit from our network, competence and price discount. We provide you with proficiency and transparency with complete discretion.

Transaction procedure

You decide upon the value of your investment
We will send you a corresponding invoice after confirming the specification of your diamond request
Instruction of payment to our bank account
Final confirmation of your request followed by the delivery of your consignment, which will arrive at your desired location within 10 business days

Reasons for buying diamonds :-

1. Diamonds are a stable tangible asset

2. Diamonds have historically increased in value over time

3. Diamonds are an internationally accepted alternative to currency

4. Diamonds are mobile

5. Diamonds have hardly no maintenance costs

6. Diamonds are anonymous (no registration required)

7. Diamonds are prestigious



In addition to the above benefits, there is an opportunity to acquire diamonds without paying VAT and to store your diamonds in a custom-free vault. In this case you save up to 19% in Germany, 20% in Austria and the United Kingdom.

Repurchase/redemption of your diamonds

By request we can sell your diamonds based on the current price set by the diamond exchange.